Drinking Water Filling

  • Drinking Water Filling
Drinking Water Filling

Drinking Water Filling

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  • Product description: Drinking Water Filling Products can be handled: Pure water, mineral water, spring water, etc. Containers can be handled: PET bottles with different volumes and shapes. Filling system: Gravity filli

Products can be handled: Pure water, mineral water, spring water, etc.

Containers can be handled: PET bottles with different volumes and shapes.

Filling system: Gravity filling

Capacity: 5000BPH-80000BPH

Technical features:

●It adopts technology of air conveyor direct connect with bottle infeed starwheel instead of screw and conveyor. It is easier and more simple to change over bottle size. 

●Adopt neck handling technology to convey bottles. There is no need to adjust the height of equipment and only need to change some spare parts. 

●High speed filling line adopts bottle gripper conveying technology. It is free to change over bottle size and the working table inside the machine is more laconic. 

●By 3-in-1 monoblock, the bottle goes through rinsing, filling and capping with little abrasion, and the transferring is stable, bottle changing is easier. 

●Specially designed stainless steel bottle gripper dose not contact the thread parts of the bottle neck, avoiding the second contamination. 

●High speed and mass flow filling valve ensures the high filling speed and exact fluid level. 

●Parts contacting liquid are all made of excellent stainless steel or food grade engineering plastic. The electric system is from international brand and achieves the national food hygienic standard. 

●The bottle-out starwheel is helical structure. While changing over bottle size, it is no need to adjust bottle-out conveyor height. 

Main composition:

●3-in-1 monobloc is composed of rinser, filler, capper, machine base, covering windows, main motor and transmission system, cap unscrambler and electric control system, etc.

●The overturning device of the rinser is mainly composed of water distributor, bottle gripper, upper rotary tray, guide trackle, protection cover, water spraying device and water collection tray.

●Filling device is mainly composed of filling barrel, filling valve, guide rail, elevating device, elevating device, etc.

●Capping device is composed of cap unscrambler, cap falling chute and capper. 

●The auxiliary (or optional) equipment include rinsing water recycle tank, bottle-in air conveyor and bottle-out conveyor. In addition, the manual bottle feeding table (or bottle unscrambler) and automatic cap elevator can be equipped according to customer requirement.
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