Application of Newamstar Aseptic Cold Filling Technology in Protein Beverage Production

Vegetable protein beverage is a kind of neutral beverage, whose production process is quite strict in microbe controlling and product quality and difficult intechnology and management. Meanwhile, it requires higher requirement and standard for packaging equipment running reliability and filling environment. Therefor Newamstar adopts advanced aseptic cold filling technic developed exclusively, helping customers produce bottles of fresh, health, green and natural beverage.

From the first aseptic cold filling technology in 1999 to the sixth upgradation in 2008, and then the seventh aseptic cold filling technology, Newamstaris worthy of a leading enterprise in aseptic cold filling in China, as well as the only one in China, and one of the world turnkey-line suppliers which can provide neutral beverage aseptic cold filling production lines.

For years, Newamstar not only provided over 20 aseptic cold filling lines for Fujian Dali Group, China leisure food beverage magnate, helped Fujian Gongyuan start aseptic cold filling, and also guaranteed aseptic cold filling for vegetable protein beverage ofPanpan Group.Till now, Newamstar has provided more than 50 aseptic cold filling lines for Otsuka and other global famous customers and won wide praise.



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