Newamstar Innovative Achievement—Beauty of Made-in-China

The Award Ceremony “Beauty of Made-in-China” was held in Guangzhou on 18th October, 2015. Newamstar is the only Grand Award winner in industrial equipment field. While enjoying the honorable moment, Newamstar has exchanged ideas of today’s China and business opportunities with representatives from other awarded companies all over China.

The Jury received more than 2600 entries from manufacturing companies and design organizations nationwide. 316 entries have been shortlisted to next level after preliminary assessment. Finally 31 masterpieces stand out, respectively won 3 Grand Awards and 28 Excellence Awards. Newamstar’s high efficientand energy-saving 80000BPH blowing-filling-capping Combibloc won the only Grand Award in industrial equipment field for its fashion look, advanced technology and green energy-saving design, which, in the meantime, has delivered the whole worldnot only the quality of Chinese product, but also the creativity of Chinese design and the strength of Made-in-China.

“Beauty of Made-in-China”campaign started in 2011 and is held on a yearly basis. It’s a large public activity which oriented to all Chinese products. It aims to show good products which represent beauty of Made-in-China to people. In this way, to exploit new value of Made-in-China, to encourage industrial changing and innovation and to help Made-in-China enhance its brand added-value.




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