The Coca-Cola US headquarters mission visited Newamstar

Overweight in the multivariate beverage field and expand the global depth cooperation. On the 23th June 2015, the Coca-Cola headquarters and experts investigation team in the United States made a special trip to Newamstar for friendly communication.

Beautiful plant environment, well-mannered and warm reception and well-ordered working field indicate scientific and strict management. The visual impact of high-end equipment, the great originality of the cutting edge technology and careful full-range service, these all show a firm belief in sustainable and green development. All of these left a good impression on the mission come from so far.

Accompanied by the headquarters of Newamstar, the mission visited the modern production workshop and particularly understood the enterprise culture, research, development and innovation, turn-key project, technical service and so on. Sincere and detailed communication made both sides feel happy and placed the expectation for future cooperation.

Communication is leaf, cooperation is branch and the development is root. This visit of Coca-Cola’s mission not only approves Newamstar’s years of whole hearted support to Coca-Cola’s business development, but also highlights the excellent capability of Newamstar as the global leading liquid packaging solutions supplier, and consolidates the basis for smooth cooperation. Today, under the background of global economic integration and in the face of new opportunities of a win-win global market, Coca-Cola and Newamstar will strengthen strategic cooperation and extend cooperate space to climb the peak and achieve the legend with new outlook.




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