• UHT / HTST

    UHT / HTST The prepared juice beverage needs to be sterilized before filling. Hot sterilization is the most common technics. And according to the product’s characteristics, the matched filling techni

  • Sterilized Air Filter System

    Sterilized Air Filter System Sterilized air filter unit is an important part of beverage filling production line. By air filter, it can remove impurities and bacteria from compressed air and steam, p

  • Tubular Water Sterilization System

    Tubular Water Sterilization System By using canular structure, tubular UHT heats and sterilizes materials with steam, which is highly efficient and simple to operate. It is widely applied to fluid st

  • Blowing-Filling-Capping Combiblock

    Blowing-Filling-Capping Combiblock Applications: It is applied to PET bottled pure water, carbonated soft drink, juice, liquid dairy, liquid condiment and household & personal care products, etc.

  • Aseptic Filling

    Aseptic Filling Newamstar has the exclusive matured medium and high speed PET aseptic cold filling technology in China. The technology has comprehensive adaptability for beverage products.

  • Hot Filling

    Hot Filling Standard type of RXG series hot filling machine is “3-in-1” Aiming at special production condition, one disinfectant rinser can be increased to be 4-in-1 monobloc. The system gives full c

  • Ultra Clean Filling

    Ultra Clean Filling Newamstar owns the domestic exclusive mature medium and high speed PET bottle ultra-clean filling technology, which has a wide adaptability for beverage products.

  • Drinking Water Filling

    Drinking Water Filling Products can be handled: Pure water, mineral water, spring water, etc. Containers can be handled: PET bottles with different volumes and shapes. Filling system: Gravity filli

  • Barrelled Water Filling

    Barrelled Water Filling Products can be handled: Pure water, mineral water, etc. Containers can be handled: 5 gallon(18.9L) Capacity: 300BPH-2000BPH

  • CSD Filling

    CSD Filling The machine could be separated to 3 modules. The height of the bottle-out conveyor is adjustable. Bottles are conveyed to rinser, filler and capper through starwheel and conveyed out fina

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